US Election 2016
You be the President
What ideology would drive you as president?
a) Capitalism
b) Fascism
c) Socialism/ Communism
d) Racism
Would you legitimise gay marriages in all states?
a) Don’t understand, won’t legitimise
b) Of course, equal rights for all
c) Sorry, not gay, no opinion
d) Meh
Would you pardon Edward Snowden?
a) Bring him back, punish him
b) Consider his case as per constitutional provisions
c) He’s a hero
d) Who Snowden?
Would you bomb the ISIS?
a) Bomb them to hell
b) Start a dialogue
c) Not my foe, not my problem
d) Let them be
Would you endorse profiling of Muslim citizens?
a) Profiling Muslims is ‘common sense’
b) No religious profiling, economic profiling instead
c) Count feelings, not beings
d) No maths please
Would you make misogyny a punishable hate crime?
a) Implement Saudi’s ‘whipping women’ laws
b) There should be stringent punishment
c) Ideological maturity takes time
d) What’s miso-gynaec?
Would you build a wall to keep out Mexicans?
a) Build a bigger wall than ‘Great wall of China’
b) No new walls, current fencing will do
c) Allow free passage, cuz neighbours
d) Why bother?
Would you pardon the turkey for Thanksgiving?
a) I’m hungry, let’s not debate this
b) Let’s discuss Russia first, Turkey can wait
c) Turkey should have it’s own TG
d) I’m a vegan
Would you legalise marijuana in all states?
a) Hell yeahhh!
b) Will consider options under medical provisions
c) Adults are wise to make choices
d) Zzzzz
What is the coolest thing you’d do as a president?
a) Erase boundaries, make everything own
b) Bring down carbon footprint ASAP
c) Colour White House
d) Take Air Force on for a joy ride to Hawaii
Disclaimer :- The following questions do not subscribe or infer from any individual, living or dead. The poll is meant solely for a satirical purpose. The New Indian Express neither endorses nor condones the views expressed by the netizens.